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Increased Passenger Experience 

Vark got it's first start at the San Diego Airport as an Innovation Lab participant and after a few short weeks of evaluation it was clear it was going to be a game changer

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Vark Integrates With FlightAware

Frictionless traveling is key for an enjoyable experience

Vark Valet Software

Enhanced Customer Experience

An easier way to pay, tip, and request vehicles means

happier customers

Traveling is stressful enough, lets make it easier

With Vark, we are driven by exceptional customer experience and we understand airports feel the same way about their passengers. Airports can easily integrate our technology to take a holistic approach to great customer experience and service while increasing revenue opportunity and lowering operating costs.

Mobile has been disrupting industries across the world and there's a reason why. Use Vark and not only will your customers experience the power of mobile, but you will to.

Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software

Integration to make it easier

To encourage a more frictionless experience while visiting the airport we've chosen to integrate with leading aviation software and data services company, FlightAware, who offers flight tracking of both private and commercial aircraft's.  

Now customers can enjoy the privacy of entering in their flight information into Vark and won't have to worry about the valet knowing your exact return date. 

Once you return, based on the flight arrival, your vehicle will automatically be requested through our system and awaiting you curbside, eliminating unnecessary Time-on-Curb.

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More Data. Better Decisions.

Manage your operation with data at your fingertips

Vark Valet Software

Airports are like cities and access to the right data could mean huge profits

With Vark, we help you understand key performance indicators like revenue, occupancy, performance and duration across the operation. Information and data are the foundation for decision-making. Vark gives your airport the complete business intelligence platform they need to make quick and effective decisions with regard to your valet operation.

Vark also encourages the use of exclusive VIP services to driver additional revenue through services like water bottle, oil changes, car washes or baggage service.

What Is Vark?

One Platform For All Your Needs

The Vark platform is disrupting

the valet industry.

Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software

Ready to get started?

See our platform in action.

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