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Time To Valet

Vark Valet Software


Create, register and

verify your account

Vark Valet Software

Drop Off & Request

 It's simple, just drop off and when you're ready, check wait-times and tap a button to request vehicle

Vark Valet Software


Pay with card on file and receive email receipts

How it Works

Valet That Makes Sense

Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software

Don't Rush

 Don't want to wait in the rain or rush dinner. See wait-times and get status updates.

Digital Pay

No cash, no problem. All Vark locations accept credit cards.

Get in, Get out

No need for paper tickets. We automated it all making it easier and faster for you.

Get Lucky

Vark offers exclusive marketing promotions at select locations. Check it out in the app. 


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What are users saying?


My favorite part was being able to see status updates of my car. It gave me peace of mind to know my car was safely parked.

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