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More Than A Premium Experience

Experiences are what matter and with Vark a premium experience is what your customers will receive

Looking for the app?

Vark Valet Software

A Fully Connected Mobile Experience

Once you valet using the Vark app you'll never want another ticket or text.

Don't worry about losing a ticket. Easily request your vehicle with a single touch.


Harness the power of mobile pay and never worry about needing cash again.

Spend more time in places you want to be by seeing the average wait-time.

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Frictionless Valet

Everything your customer needs in one place

Offer customers convenience through going digital 

  • iOS and Android apps with best-in-class user experience

  • The industry's most mobile valet software with real-time vehicle updates

  • Access to exclusive marketing promotions from select locations

  • Reminder notifications, email receipts and remote session updates

  • Request vehicle from anywhere using the mobile app

Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software

Valet With Technology

Technology automation is everywhere, now it's time for valet

Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software

Let customers experience a seamless interaction with valet staff

  • A completely ticketless experience

  • Integration with FlightAware technology so that when you're at the airport your vehicle is automatically requested

  • Happy or Sad with your service? Let management know by rating your experience

  • At certain locations VIP services are offered like car washes, bottled water, or even flowers

  • Wait where it's convenient by seeing wait-times and not spending unwanted Time-on-Curb

Enjoyable Experience

Your customers already use apps for convenience

An easier way to pay means more customers and increased tips

  • A safe and secure way to pay and tip for your valet parking

  • Conveniently using digital payments means you no longer have to worry about carrying cash
  • Setup a default tip in your profile so you don't even have to think about it
  • Split payment with a friend or pay with two cards
  • Finally, you can expense your valet charges with emailed receipts
Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software

Ready to get started?

See our platform in action.

One Platform For All Your Needs

The Vark platform is disrupting

the valet industry.

Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Sofware
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