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Vark Valet Software


Marketing For  

More Revenue

Our patent-pending platform brings simplicity and efficiency to your valet marketing to drive dramatic engagement and increased revenue

Vark Valet Software
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Marketing Made Easy

Vark Valet Software


Using Vark for valet gives you the opportunity to attract the right customers

Vark Valet Software


Connect with customers by offering a unique promotion or differentiator

Vark Valet Software


By using special marketing incentives you can attract potential customers or upsell current 

Vark Valet Software


Advertise smarter by measuring the impact that your campaigns have on your customers

Be Everywhere Your Customers Are

Location based advertisement allows you to market to your customers

The future of valet marketing is Vark Marketing

  • With our patent-pending location based marketing users receive marketing messages based on the current location they are checked in at

  • Increase property revenue by highlighting unique areas of upsell whether it's a restaurant, hotel, museum or casino

  • Unlock profit by displaying visual ads that encourage the consumer to take action

  • Your customers, your advertisements

  • Use image-rich advertisements to convert prospects into customers

  • Highlight amenities that customers or prospects might not otherwise be aware of

Vark Valet Software

Start Growing With Vark Today

It's really simple, create a campaign and activate

Vark Valet Software

Create, Manage, and Activate 

  • Upload rich content

  • Pay-per-click pricing model

  • Cloud-based software to use anywhere 

  • Manage users

  • Review advertisement performance

  • Quickly remove and swap out under performing advertisements for ones with more potential

  • *Scheduled advertisements based on future plans and/or holidays

*Future feature to be released at a later date

Promoting additional services and offerings to our customers through Vark Marketing is another great touch-point that can both drive more property revenue and help enhance the experience.

Ronnie H.

Director of Hotel Marketing

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See our platform in action.

One Platform For All Your Needs

The Vark platform is disrupting

the valet industry.

Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software
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