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All about Diogras...

Hi, my name is Natalie and I oversee the Vark blogs and preparing all the content that you’ve seen so far both on our blog and social media channels.

As technology seeps into every aspect of our life, the term ‘technology company’ has come to mean a variety of different things. I wanted to take a few moments to discuss what a ‘technology company’ means to us. Due to the large variety of things that we do, from creating and launching Vark to software development for other companies, I wanted to dig a little deeper, so I decided to consult an expert about Diogras by interviewing our CEO, Valerie Noblitt. After the interview, the bigger picture came in to focus and how Diogras came to be.

What was the initial vision behind Diogras?

“I wanted to have my own company to carry out IT services, where we could build our own products and have a specific culture - a family culture.” Valerie stated, “I wanted this to take place in a company where I wanted to work and where the people who worked for me wanted to work. I am in the last part of my career and I just wanted to have fun and to create this welcoming atmosphere! My husband has captured this sentiment well by saying: You have to surround yourself with good people, and that will make all the difference within your company and your life.”

How do you break up the diverse aspects that entail a technology company within Diogras?

“Diogras has three main business units. We have staffing, products, and IT services. These three units allow us to cover a variety of different areas within the technology sector, while also distinguishing between these areas. The resources involve personnel who work for a different company, by providing this company with a skill set that they need to carry out their business. Our products, such as Vark, are innovative ideas that we, or our employees, have that generally involve incorporating technology into society in a new way that makes that task easier and less time consuming. The IT services overlaps a bit with our product unit, but instead of our own products, we help other companies build tools that help them become better companies.”

What is the mission statement of Diogras?

“When it comes to a business rule for Diogras, our number one priority is our customers. What can we do to add value to their business and help them be successful, because if they are successful then we will have succeeded.”

What does the future look like for Diogras?

“I want us, here at Diogras, to continue to build each of our three business lines by expanding our resources, continuing to grow our products, and helping as many companies reach their vision of success as possible, all while having fun!”

Is there any advice you have for startup technology companies?

“For us, it’s about having a great work environment and making sure that we stay on top of what is going on within the market and trying to predict what is coming to try to get ahead of what our customers will need 3 years, 5 years, or 10 years from now. All this research is done in order to ensure that we are ultimately adding real value to our customers’ companies. So, when it comes to other people starting their own companies, I would emphasize having a goal and then taking actions to ensure that this goal remains a priority throughout the growth of your company,” Valerie concluded.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of our values and mission.

Thank you.

The Vark Team

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