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Customer Service: How it makes or breaks Valet Operations (Part 1)

When running a valet operation there are a lot of different standards that are expected across the board, from safety and security policies, employee management and valet insurance all the way to the simple friendliness of the valet driver. All of which are difficult to attain high levels of service, which impact the way customers feel towards these companies. However, the most difficult standard to improve, and, according to Derek Bullard from the Valet Spot, the most important standard is customer service.

With a service that caters towards luxury and ease, the level of customer service provided by the valets is crucial to a successful operation. While some places require the use of this service, others keep it as an optional, additional expense, one which many people opt out of using. Often this is due to a previous bad experience with a valet, perhaps at a location that required its use. This can lead to a negative reputation and a stigma around valet operations in general. Therefore, it is crucial for valet operations in general to always provide the best customer service as it’s expected. A valet not only impacts the beginning of the night, but they also determine how the night will end. In this scenario, great customer service can go a long way in creating a positive image about valet operations by creating a positive memory with friendly, courteous attendants.

This standard is particularly tricky to manipulate since each valet is an individual person who, in the end, is going to act however they feel like acting. It is impossible to completely control the way your staff acts, but there is a way to improve the probability that they will act appropriately, through increased monitoring. Another way to improve customer service is to make the valet process smoother and quicker, removing the need to wait in a long line to be served.

How is this possible? Here at Vark we have created the perfect customer experience tool to improve this, and other, standards. We have created an app to app solution that raises the bar for the entire valet operation industry. With our desktop application, management will also have the ability to oversee the entire valet operation, ensuring that it is running smoothly while having the opportunity to work out the kinks as they appear. Our valet app also attributes to this service running smoothly by making the valets’ jobs easier. Finally, our customer app allows the customers experience to be the best possible.

Our apps have all the essentials, payment that allows customers to tip & pay for the service through the app itself and allowing for instant feedback on a valet’s performance. This, along with the ease of carrying out the task, will motivate valets to provide the best customer service possible.

Overall, the best possible valet operation is not only a goal a valet operation may have, but one that is within reach. This transformation will make valet mandatory within the minds of customers, make your service a necessary part of their nights out.

Stay tuned for the next blog post as we discuss the mindset of Customer Service and how we should alter our mindset away from the utility of just a “service” to something customers can actually feel – an actual experience.

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