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Frequently Asked Questions - Part 2

Picking up where we left off in the last blog, today we are going to take a moment to address frequently asked questions about the Valet Driver app! Let’s get started:

Why can’t I access all the features of the app as soon as I download it?

This app is specifically for people working as valet drivers at specific locations using Vark. In order to access all the features you need to be approved as a driver at the location you have selected, otherwise anyone could claim to park or retrieve vehicles, which, as you can imagine, would be the opposite of what we are going for. If you are having issues accessing the app, please feel free to contact us to sign up!

Should I clock in when I open the app?

Only if you are beginning your work shift! But yes, it is important that you clock in upon arriving at your place of work as this app allows your boss to streamline many different processes into one location and I am sure you want to be paid for your time worked, so don’t forget to clock in!

Why is there a blank area at the top of the screen?

This is for incoming messages that your boss needs to get out to all the drivers as soon as possible. It is a way to stay in contact with everybody and ensure that every driver is on the same page.

There are a lot of buttons at the bottom of the screen, I would think you only need two—one to park and one to retrieve, why are there so many?

Those buttons are there to help keep you in the loop, as well as ensure that you are covered during all the steps of the process. The “greet” button is used before parking a vehicle, allowing you to type or photograph the information necessary to distinguish each vehicle and owner. The “staged” button allows a valet to temporarily check in a vehicle with out permanently identifying it to a parking spot. The “request” button allows you to request a vehicle for a customer, should that need arise because they did not request it themselves through their app. The “retrieve” button allows you to show that you are retrieving the vehicle, keeping everyone in the loop and the final button, the “return” button, proves that you have handed the keys back to the owner and the car is not longer your responsibility.

I noticed that there is a place to turn on notification on the side menu—do I need to have that turned on?

Yes, you should always turn notifications on during your shift. Be sure to turn notifications on once you start your shift as that's how you will be informed when you need to retrieve vehicles!

I noticed that there is an area that calculates my tips, does that mean I get paid through the app? If so, how does that work?

No, this is for you to stay informed on how much you are getting tipped throughout your shift. The great thing about digital payments and credit card purchases is customers tend to spend more and so that means you will most likely see a sharp incline in tips compared to that of cash only.

If you have any further questions be sure to reach out to us.

The Vark Team

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