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How airports can use valet to increase parking revenue...

When considering ride sharing technology it is easy to see the many benefits customer’s see, including convenience and cost. These ride-sharing technologies have become overwhelmingly popular in a variety of different industries, causing many to reevaluate their industry to keep from becoming obsolete.

One industry that has been hit with a major loss due to these-ride sharing apps is the airport industry. This seems peculiar, as many airports charge Uber and Lyft for the ability to pickup & drop off passengers. However, as time passes and more data is collected it is becoming clearer that the airport is losing a substantial amount of parking revenue. This is a major loss because airports rely heavily on their parking costs to create revenue.

In fact, according to a blog written by Jenni Bergal for Stateline, “Parking fees typically represent between one-fifth and one quarter of the revenue that airlines rely on that is not related to the airlines. According to the Federal Aviation Administration $3.5 billion in fees represented 41 percent of the $8.5 billion in U.S. airport revenue not related to airlines. Upon analyzing the facts, it becomes clear that this is certainly a problem that airports are going to need to face head-on. Airports around the country are scrambling to find different avenues of revenue including food delivered right to your seat at the gate but we believe that the answer lies where the problem starts: valet.

As passengers begin to opt for ride-sharing apps the common factor prompting these decisions is clearly convenience and accessibility, the ability to arrive at the entrance of the terminal in a timely manner without having to worry about finding a parking spot, remembering your parking spot, and getting through security in enough time to catch your flight. Another easy way to achieve this convenience is a valet. A customer would simply pull up to the terminal and hand their keys to an employee, taking out the lengthy amount of time and hassle it takes to park a car.

Now, valet is offered at some airports but often passengers are dissatisfied with the experience due to complaints center around returning to the airport and having to wait a lengthy amount of time to have their vehicle returned to them.

Here at Vark we have the solution that will not only help generate revenue for airports but completely revamp the valet service making it much more convenient and appealing to passengers. We want to make it easy for airports to provide the best experience with the least amount of friction.

Though ride sharing apps take away revenue from airports and are causing tremendous changes in all different types of industries, they are also a glimpse into the future. Vark is another glimpse into the future of valet and will create a better way to deliver a great customer experience.

When you need to do Valet, valet smarter. Valet using Vark. The Smartest Way to Valet.

Thank you.

The Vark Team!

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