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Important details when you valet!

Valet parking can be intimidating to someone who has never gone through the process before. The concept seems simple enough, but in the traditional model of paper tickets it can be cumbersome and more of a hassle. To start, when pulling up to the valet stand smaller details can become intimidating. Do you get out right away? Do you wait until the valet opens the door? Do you leave the keys in the car or hand them to the valet driver? How much do you tip and when?

Vark is working to deliver the best possible valet experience for a customer so that we can take a traditional business of waiting and inefficiencies and shift it into the digital “app-centric” world.

Hopefully, most of the questions you have regarding valet using Vark will be answered below!



You may want to double check to ensure that the valet is properly insured.

Clean Car

While it is not necessary to clean the outside of your car, if it is extremely dirty cleaning it may help boost your confidence upon arriving at your location.

Be sure to clean the inside of your car, especially the front seat, in order to be courteous to the drivers who will have to park your car – it also is a good idea to remove any food or drinks as they might spill easily.

Hide Valuables

This is not to say that valet drivers are untrustworthy people, but better to remove temptations and the possibility of any expensive items being “misplaced.”

If you have things you would be particularly worried about, be sure to remove them from your car before going or put them in the trunk.

Check Price

There is nothing more embarrassing than pulling up to a valet stand and throwing a wrench in the system merely to ask the price of the valet, particularly if you decide not to park with them. Regardless, it’s always better to know beforehand

With Vark, you will be able to check the prices of valets that use Vark by going on our app, all located in one convenient place on your phone.

Additionally, Vark allows customers to pay and tip through the app to make it more accessible to the public.


Remove key from key ring. Handing all of your keys to the valet driver can be a pain for them if you have an excessive number of keys or key chains which makes it difficult to store your keys.

It can also be a trust exercise you may not be comfortable with, giving all of your keys over to a stranger.To avoid unnecessary stress, be sure to separate your car keys.

Note: most newer vehicles offer a “valet key” that allows you to lock the glove box and trunk so that you can securely lock away in valuable items.


Though it is not customary, some folks believe if you tip in the beginning rather then at the end, the valet will take better care of your vehicle. Sometimes this is the case but often the vehicle is dropped off and retrieved by different valets. They also combine their tips at the end of the night so pre-tipping really is unnecessary.


Finding/Pulling Up

This area will most likely be indicated with a sign or umbrella, when approaching be sure to stay on high alert as things move fast paced in this area. There will also be a lot of people moving about, both drivers and customers, so be sure to slow down upon approaching. Turning on your hazard lights is a good idea to inform drivers behind you to be cautious.

Gather Everything

While it is possible to get things from your car if you forget something vital, it will require a valet driver going to your vehicle for you, creating extra work for them. Gathering all of your items before stepping out of your vehicle will also help to keep things running smoothly and efficiently in the drop off area.

Leave your car running

As mentioned before, things move quickly in the drop off area to keep lines short at the valet. Be sure to keep your car running and in park when you hand it off to the driver as it will minimize the amount of time this turn over takes. Leave keys on dashboard, cup holder, or driver seat.

Door Protocol

Most valet drivers will open the door for you, as this is a customer service that is meant to add luxury to a venue.Getting out on your own can also cause disruption to the delicate process in the drop off zone as you may get out too early and must stand there and wait, or not have pulled your car far enough forward. The safest bet would be to wait for the attendant to open the door for you.

On another note, if there is a female in the passenger seat (or driving) they will most likely have the door opened for them first.

Vehicle Issues

This one is particularly relevant to cars that have issues that may impede the valet driver from operating them, or perhaps something finicky about the lights or windows. It’s best to share with the valet any of these issues.

With Vark you don’t need a ticket. Just do what’s natural – use an app!


Press a button

With Vark you don’t need a ticket. Just open the app and see the current wait time, request your vehicle and hang out a little longer at your convenience. No more waiting at the valet stand while they spend 10 minutes retrieving your vehicle. Wait inside where it’s warm or cool (depending on the time of year).


Before paying & tipping make sure you give the car a good look over for damage and double check on any valuables that are missing. Once you are in your car and leaving it can be near impossible to prove the damage was caused by the valet drivers. If you notice something, inform the valet manager right away and take pictures. Most valet companies have insurance policies and those that don’t you shouldn’t valet with.


Once you see your car double check that it is in fact your car. There are stories out there of people taking home someone else identical car.


Be sure to always tip the valet and thank them. You will want to tip a valet, even if the valet parking was complimentary. Like waiters, a lot of valets get paid below minimum wage (around $4) or solely rely on tips.

We hope this blog was insightful as you begin your valet journey. Vark is on a mission to make valet relevant, easy, and accessible to all.

Vark - The Smartest Way to Valet.

The Vark Team.

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