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  • James Noblitt

Parking Enforcement

We know what you are thinking, why would something that helps increase the productivity of a parking enforcement officer be positive for you. Everyone has had that bad day that has been brought to a new low with a parking ticket that you may or may not have deserved—regardless it never feels good to have to pay it. In that moment it can feel like the whole world is out to get you, but did you know that a study by Fybr shows that only 5% of parking violators are truly cited, strangely enough this is a sector of enforcement that doesn’t make law enforcement seem more effective, but rather just increase complaints.

What if we were to tell you that law enforcement innovations could actually help you avoid citations, while also helping officers of the law do their job?

One of the innovations, parking meter time extension, is possible through the use of a phone. Smart parking allows you the opportunity to extend your parking time through cyberspace, saving the officer the time it would take to focus on high priority law enforcement and keeping you from having to deal with annoying fees.

Another helpful innovation is the real time knowledge that comes with mobile device parking meters, giving the officers the ability to know exactly where a violation is taking place and take care of it immediately. This feeds in the their ability to focus on bigger violations, such as the cars parking illegally in red zones, bus stops and handicapped spaces—as these tend to have a larger negative affect than ones that are 2 minutes over on a time metered spot.

In general, law enforcement innovations could have a largely positive affect on everyone—you included!

The Vark Team

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