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Press Release: Vark Enhances Platform to Include Time, Attendance and Wage Management.

SOUTHLAKE, Texas – May 10th, 2018 – Vark by Diogras, Inc is happy to announce its recent enhancement to the Vark platform to include a directly integrated Time, Attendance and Wage Management function. Vark – The Smartest Way to Valet (

In today’s fast paced society, it can be difficult to keep track of all the moving pieces within a company, particularly within a valet operation. Being a manager, it can be nearly impossible to keep track of every one of your employee’s hours, leading to the possibility of oversight when it comes to tracking hours. We, at Vark, have a new major feature of our program called “Time, Attendance, and Wage Management.” As its name suggests, the aspect will equip valet companies with the ability to keep track of their valet drivers hours—ensuring that they stay in compliance with labor laws by applying overtime policies accordingly, as well as reducing costly manual payroll and data entry errors.

As with any other manual data entry, manual data entry of payroll hours opens a valet company up to the possibility of serious human error. This new feature will ensure that these types of errors do not arise through the accurate calculation of hourly totals, the automatic application of overtime policies, and maintaining compliance with labor laws. Additionally, this will help keep employees honest. As with any workplace, a constant issue that will inevitably arise is one of tardiness. This tardiness, if gone unnoticed, can evolve into time-theft, which “occurs when an employee accepts pay from their employer for work that they have not actually done.” Time-theft can be difficult to monitor and can add up over time to cost the company an unfair amount of money. “Without an automated time and attendance solution companies tend to overpay employees by 2% - 10% of gross payroll due to time theft.” Luckily, Vark’s TNA allows managers to monitor their valet driver whereabouts with real-time display—taking away the temptation to fudge hours.

Let Vark help you deliver a first impression and last impression that’s worth talking about.

Vark – The Smartest Way to Valet

About Diogras, Inc and the Vark product

Diogras is an IT Services and Consulting company with over 15 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies bridging the gap between business and technology. We provide our clients with expert technical consulting to address needs from custom software development to modernizing legacy applications to meet the demands of the digital world. Our unique approach to engagements, leveraging our mature Agile practices, allows us to deliver high-quality, high-value solutions at the speed of business.

With Vark we took a deliberate approach to customer experience and the journey of both the consumer (those that valet their vehicle) and the valet operators. In many cases, Valet is the first impression so offering a great customer experience is critical to the arrival and departure of guests. After many trips to Vegas for conferences enough was enough with the bad valet experience. On our last visit over the course of 4 days we spent 8+ hours waiting in the “valet process” either trying to drop off the car or picking the car up. With our vast technical experience, we set off to solve the problem of “First Impressions are the Last Impressions.” For more information on our patent-pending valet solution visit us at

Media Contact

Kris Nickell - Director of Product Sales & Marketing

C: 828.316.9511

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