• James Noblitt

“The Only Complaint is the Valet Parking…”

It's always bad news when the only complaint about a hotel is the first impression...what's the saying "Your first impression is the last impression." The title of today's blog post is "The Only Complaint is the Valet Parking" and it is just one of the many reviews that can be found on TripAdvisor regarding customer's feelings towards valet parking at hotels. It seems to be a common theme, with many negative reviews arising from the -amount of time they must wait -lack of customer service by valets -or the amount they have to pay for this service, which has a reputation for not being worthwhile. The hospitality industry runs on word of mouth. Positive & negative reviews from past guest largely influence future guests and can sway potential guests when choosing between multiple hotels. Therefore, any aspect of a hotel that may negatively influence potential guests' view should be taken seriously.

The valet service, which is created to increase the luxury feel of a hotel and to start the guest experience off on a positive note, so often ends up becoming the aspect bringing the level of service down.

When diving into why valet is complained about so often it becomes apparent that the following factors create a negative view of this service:Wait time is much longer and it feels as if they might as well have self-parkedThink valets might treat their cars badly, maybe even go for a joy ride (see Ferris Bueller’s Day Off tend to think that valets will steal their valuablesOften, valet service falls short of its true purpose which is providing a premium customer experience. When customers have to wait, patience runs out and can lead to negative branding for the property. After analyzing these complaints further a trend begins to emerge. Most of these issues could be solved by more knowledge given to management and an ability to hold valets more accountable for providing a better service and doing their jobs well. The final complaint of money is not a huge problem to solve as a hotel simply needs to make their valet service an attractive asset to the property. It’s all about customer experience!

So what’s the solution you might ask?

Vark is the modern way to valet; providing a new, fresh, and easy way to solve the valet operation. We give guests a mobile app to pay for the service and request vehicles prior to arriving at the valet to alleviate wait times and provide a better customer experience. Additionally, we give the Valet operations their own cloud-based console and Valet Drivers their own app to facilitate a more streamline process. These tools have unique features that give operators performance insights, direct messaging contact with the valet, and vehicle locator for quick retrievals among many other great features. These management tools will have the ability to better valet operations, resulting in a higher quality operation overall.

When you need to do Valet, valet smarter. Valet using Vark. The Smartest Way to Valet.

Thank you.

The Vark Team!

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