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The start of a perfect restaurant experience doesn't begin with the aroma of great food...

When it comes to a good restaurant experience there are a few common qualities that work to making that restaurant stand out. First, and most obvious, there needs to be quality food. With so many different restaurants to choose from today, it is crucial that the food served is quality and the customers feel it’s worth their money. Consistently good food prepared by experienced chefs can lay the foundation for a great customer experience, however, it doesn’t end there. Reasonable prices and good service is a fundamental quality in a good customer experience. An attentive wait staff that is friendly, patient and not intrusive can dramatically improve a customer’s evening. Just as the wait staff is an important factor a friendly, respectful valet service can add another level to the service - making the start of the customer experience exceptional. The service level will also influence the customer’s attitude on price. They will be willing to spend more at a restaurant where they were treated like royalty than one where they were treated poorly. This good service leads us to the final quality, atmosphere. This is one of the most difficult qualities to perfect as most of the factors include things that most customers do not even realize they are noticing. For example, the arrangement of the tables and the brightness of the lights. These are just a few of the many aesthetic features that affect the atmosphere and they differ drastically depending on the type of restaurant and what tone they are trying to convey. This final quality shapes the entire taste of the experience a customer has. Since it is one of the most difficult to manipulate, managers may find it difficult to increase the prestige of their atmosphere. However, there is one surefire way to pamper your customers. A way that ensures a grand entrance and a magnificent end to the meal: great valet and innovative technology. The valet will make customers start off the night already feeling like royalty and finish it off without hassle and inconvenience. Luckily, Vark has a way to ensure that your customer has the best possible experience. With our service, valet operations will be able to make a great first impression and ensuring that customers are satisfied with their night out with a positive last impression. Valet services have the ability to improve all of the above categories, from quality food (or quality product), to good service, which will begin from the moment the customer hands off their keys to the valet. With so many benefits provided by a valet service through Vark, it is apparent that this one factor can tremendously improve a restaurant’s standing the mind of the customer.

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