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Welcome to the show...will you be late?

You did everything right. You prepared for this concert weeks ago, you double and triple checked the time and the date of your concert, you planned for traffic, you should have been arriving just in time to find your seat before the start of the concert. However, tragedy struck, the parking lot was full beyond belief and you had been forced to circle the lot for what felt like hours searching for just one open spot. As you finally find a spot, park, and start walking to the venue you hear it…you hear the music start. Frustrated, you begin to run. Panicked, you begin to run faster…and faster. You wish you hadn’t spent so much time finding a parking spot, which goes on to shape your night as a whole.

Concerts introduce a level of “awesome” that regular nights out don’t produce. They can create excitement for months leading up to the day. However, they also come with their fair share of challenges. From forgetting a ticket, all the way to the tragedy of the parking, it is impossible to foresee or prepare for every detail. Concerts also entail a higher level of expense, due to their higher level of demand, which means that on average people attend them less frequently than they dine in a restaurant for a Friday night. This means that it is common for someone to forget the lesson they learned the previous time. The parking lot is full, the traffic was awful, and it is so easy to forget to prepare with enough time for the unexpected.

Enter valet. While it may not be possible to plan for every unexpected hurtle, valet is a solution that will keep traffic and the nightmare of parking from becoming a headache. Even without that buffer time, valet will be sure to get you in the venue with time to spare. With a flawless valet the line should move quickly, if a line even exists, which will assure that you don’t have to walk for miles to reach the venue and, even if you didn’t plan for massive crowds of people versus the amount of close parking spaces, you won’t miss the beginning of the concert. This luxurious service will also ensure that your night begins with a panache and ends in the same amazing fashion. Rather than going into your night with a negative attitude, you will be entering from cloud nine and with a smile on your face.

There is one caveat for this wonderful addition to your night out, the valet must run smoothly and perfectly. If not, this will only add to the frustration and negativity, feeling as if you paid extra for a service that took twice as long as you would have taken to park your car. The only way to be positive that your valet is top notch is by ensuring they are using Vark - The Smartest Way to Valet. With Vark your night can begin the way it should, and end even better than you can imagine. Be sure to think of us on your next night out.

If you’re an awesome venue or sporting event give us a call to discuss what it takes to get Vark for free!

Vark - The Smartest Way to Valet.

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