Smart Cities

Reduce Traffic

and Congestion  

Utilizing Vark's mobile and cloud-based technology as part of a Smart City initiative can increase accessibility for local patrons across the city while driving revenue


What Is Vark?

Improving Urban Life

Image a day without the stress and delay of finding a parking space

A Smart City solution that's simple

Ever think that paying for parking is a waste? Your $6+ allows for you to park your vehicle in a single spot. 

What if you could pay near the same amount for a parking space but it came with drop-off and delivery of vehicle? 

Vark proposes a Smart City initiative that strategically places valet stands across the city to minimize search time, deadly emissions, and convenience all while reducing traffic congestion. 

One Platform For All Your Needs

The Vark platform is disrupting

the valet industry.

Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software
Vark Valet Software

Unlock The Value Of Data

Manage your city valet operations with data at your fingertips

Data driven traffic management

Health problems related to bad air quality has become one of the biggest global expenses. Research shows that nearly 80 percent of the population worldwide is exposed to pollution levels higher than recommended, where pollution from traffic is a major contributor. Vark is set to reduce travel time for the citizens while generating new opportunity for city revenue.

Another byproduct of Smart City Valet is increased safety as late nights at work often cause citizens to make lengthy walks through unsafe areas to finally arrive at their vehicle. If a valet infrastructure was put in place it could be influential in the decline of assaults and robberies happening while patrons are walking to their vehicles at a secluded parking lot.

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